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Red Hill Cherry Farm Cider $54.00 (500ml, box of six bottles)
2.5 Standard drinks, 6.3% alcohol
Awarded ‘Best in Class’ at the 2017 Red Hill Agricultural Show (scoring total 86 out of 100 points)

Ruby in colour, our cider is made from a drink all year round. Ruby in colour, our cider is made from a fruitful blend of apple, cherry and pear. Our cider is locally made with cherries from our farm and local fruit. A refreshing drink all year round.


Cherry Beer $54.00 (500ml box of six bottles)
2.2 standard drinks, 5.5% alcohol

Deep ruby in colour, our beer is a balance of fresh ripe cherries taken straight from the stone with a lingering malt finish. A perfect drink to be enjoyed all year or enjoy with duck or rabbit dishes. Our beer is locally made with cherries from our farm. 


NEW Cherry Dessert Wine (375mls) $20
3.4 Standard Drinks, 11.6% Alcohol

A delightful fruity and rich dessert wine made from our cherries. The sweet but acid fruit gives this wine lovely balance, making it a useful ingredient or a perfect accompaniment to dessert. Excellent as a marinade, on fresh fruit, ice cream or over crepes.


Cherry Port (375ml) $20.00
5.5 standard drinks, 19% alcohol
Awarded Silver Medal at the 2017 Australian Fruit Wine Show
A true vintage port that is deep in colour with a long lasting flavour of cherry pie. The port is an easy drink to relax in the evening or accompany  with duck, chocolate desserts or soft cheeses. Our port is locally made with cherries from our farm.

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