Please Note:    CLOSED.     cherry picking will be closed Sunday 17th December

Re open Wednesday ant 10am with lots of yummy Christmas cherries

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Entrance fees

Sweet and Morello Cherries                                           
13yrs – Adult: $ 10.00
5-13 years: $ 5.00
Under 5 free


Buckets and bags are provided. Please note prices may vary weekly.

Pick your own
Sweet Cherries $12.00- $15.00 per kg
Morello Cherries (for cooking/juicing) $12 per kg.

Pre-picked sweet cherries $15.00 – $18.00 per kg
Pre-picked morello without stems $14.00 per kg or $15.00 with stems.
Pre-picked orders of 5kg or more please call us to place your order (03) 5989 2237.
Pre- picked fresh avocados from our farm also available at the farm.

Cherry Products

Farm Cider $9.00
Cherry Beer $9.00
Cherry Wine $20.00
Cherry Beer $20.00

More information

  • Our cherry trees are maintained at a height that allows for easily access to the fruit.
  • We also maintain our orchard with a mowed grass surface, however the ground may be uneven.
  • Clothing and footwear – always wear enclosed flat sole shoes or appropriate footwear. Hot days bring a hat, sunscreen and water. Cold/wet days bring coats/rain jacket or umbrella.
  • The stem should be left on the cherry when it is picked from the tree to help keep the fruit fresh for longer.
  • Cherries are picked into buckets provided and then weighed and placed in a bag for you to take home.
  • Cherries do not ripen once they have been picked from the tree.


How to store your cherries

  • Cherries must be dry when placed in the fridge. (if wet or damp this will reduce their shelf life)
  • Place your cherries in an opened container. This air flow is important to improve the longevity of your cherries. Regularly check your fruit for blemishes and remove those as they can spoil the other cherries.

All our cherries are 100% grown on our farm in Red Hill.

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Contact us

Phone: 0407 030 917
(03) 5989 2237