Health Benefit of Cherries

Health Benefits of Cherries

Australians can enjoy delicious, sweet, fresh cherries this summer knowing that they are also looking after their health.
A study* commissioned by the Victorian Cherry Association has conclusively concluded that “fresh cherries are indeed very beneficial in maintaining good health”. At least one serving of cherries per day is required, with additional servings delivering more benefits. Forget moderation! When it comes to the health impact of cherries, more is better! 

Health benefits

Cherries have a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which act together to deliver health benefits not available in supplements. Fresh foods not only retain more of their nutrients than processed foods or supplements, but these act together to naturally provide the body with a more complex and potent mix of the compounds it requires to prevent disease.

Weight Loss and Management

Cherries have only 224 kilojoules (54 calories) per 100 grams and virtually no fat.

Slow impact of ageing

Vitamins E and C and the flavonoids found in cherries and other fruits may slow ageing and they may slow or even reverse the symptoms of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Cherries also contain compounds that can help to slow or inhibit the progression of cancer (Polyphenolics Egallic acid and Lignans).

Chronic diseases

Antioxidants are necessary to clear the body of damaging free radicals and they are most effectively acquired through diet. If we don’t consume enough antioxidants, damage can occur, leading to degeneration and disease including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer, inflammatory conditions and neurological diseases. Sweet cherries contain 16 antioxidants, plus a suite of other compounds with beneficial health benefits.Cherries may benefit people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions such as gout, pancreatitis, or prostitis, as well as allergic conditions including asthma, hay fever, eczema and hives because they contain the compounds cyanidin and quercetin.
So cherry lovers can indulge to their heart’s content, because the study concluded that cherries have significant health benefits in slowing or inhibiting the progression of cancer, ageing, neurological diseases, cardiovascular disease and inflammatory conditions. They may also aid in detoxification of foreign substances.(* The Health benefits of Cherries, Charlotte Brunt BSc (Hons) Swinburne University 2004.)
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