Our Cherries

About Cherries and the Varieties 

Cherry Flavour

Cherries develop 60% of their sweetness and flavour in the last week of ripening, if cherries are picked early to send to Market they tend to lack the full sweet flavour of tree ripened fruit. The flavour is also created by the growing methods used.


The cool Red Hill climate and the rich volcanic soils add to the unique flavour of the cherries. We grow green manure crops between the trees to help sweeten the ground. We also practice sustainable agricultural methods in the care for our trees, land, soil and the surrounding environment. (We do not use any artificial fertilizers.)  

Splitting and Cracking of Cherries

Unlike apples and pears cherries only have a short shelf life especially in hot weather. On hot days, chill cherries as soon as possible, we suggest you bring a cold bag and ice bricks to help maintain freshness. They will deteriorate once off the trees.  Other things that affect the quality of fruit in the last week, the fruit can be susceptible to too much water/rain causing the tree to absorb the rain causing the inside of the cherry to expand rapidly splitting the outside skin.  This gives the moisture somewhere to escape leaving a higher concentrate of sugars.